The new, truly reliable, proven Land / Range Rover crankshaft, tested before entering the distribution network,
Discovery, Sport, Jaguar, Peugeot, Citroen 3.0 2.7 V6 (TDV6 SDV6 306DT and 276DT).
The product is made of a whole piece of forged steel, as a result, its special strength is achieved compared to cast iron shafts.
The technology has gone through a multi-stage forging steel and is able to withstand very large loads for a long period.

For car dealers:

  • Depending on the number of ordered shafts
  • With a one-time order of 5 pieces of shafts
  • The cost of each batch is negotiated depending on the quantity
  • We offer an Individual approach or a personal manager’s approach
  • We offer Free delivery in Poland
  • We offer Information and consulting support

Car Services:

  • Depends on the frequency of orders per month
  • Individual conditions depending on the quantity and frequency of orders
  • Free delivery in Europe with an order of 10 pieces in a month.
  • Advertising support and placement of information in the “Our partners” section
  • Extended warranty conditions (negotiated individually)

Photo captions

Real photos of our shafts (beware of fakes!)

  • Individual number, date of manufacture and trademark
  • Traces of marks as a result of Moulding or forging of parts
  • Shaft in reliable wooden factory packaging
  • Traces of marks as a result of Moulding or forging of parts
  • CNC (computer numerical control) forged workpiece processing
  • Mandatory pre-sale quality control
  • Another batch of shafts ready to be shipped from the factory

Our advantages:

  • Worldwide delivery on the day of contacting us, as well as to other European countries once a week. Shipment across the globe is also possible. As soon as the customer confirms the order, we immediately call the courier and send.
  • Precise specialization, A Time-tested supplier with Hundreds of shafts sold. During production, defects which cause damages such as breakages in shafts are is eliminated. Inserts are mounted on locks that are mechanized in the shaft.
  • One-year warranty, no mileage limit. The most modern production, full compliance with regulations concerning size and weakness. We are confident in the quality of our shafts, for the past three years of sales, there hasn’t been any complain.
  • We’re not just selling anything. We work directly with one manufacturer. Each product is tested at a professional stand. For over 7 years, our team has been working in the field of engine parts

We have several price offers

Private individuals:
  • Fixed price not tied to the rate of the euro
  • When buying one shaft
  • Always in touch on weekdays and working hours, ready to advise you on any issues, until the logical completion of the repair work and start of the engine.
  • Within a year from the date of sale, we accept and consider claims that may be made by clients if any arises.